Coffee Care Ministry at Ridgecrest

Brew coffee and maintain supply for Small Groups and guests during Sunday morning services. Training is provided. Serve on a rotational basis.

Coffee Bar for Modern Worship

Assist Modern Worship attendees brew their Keurig coffee on Sundays before the start of the 10:30 am worship service in the Fellowship Center. Serve weekly or on rotation.


Offer a friendly smile and words of welcome to guests and members on Sundays and during special events. Serve on a rotational basis.

Welcome Center Assistants

Provide information, answer questions, and help others find their way around the church facility.


Present people with a service folder or program as they enter for worship or an event. Help them find seating, and strive to make everyone feel comfortable during the service. 

Foyer Assistants

Be stationed in the main foyer on the lookout for people needing assistance. Serve weekly or on a rotational basis. Training provided.