GROW Classes – Fall Semester 2017






SUNDAYS (sept. 10 - nov. 26 // 11:30a)

rbcMen – Men’s Bible Study
1. Authentic Manhood Part 1 – Jeff Brawley - Cost $10 // Ridgecrest Room
This is Part 1 of a men’s study that will help men understand their masculine identity, and show them how to make the pursuit of authentic manhood a lifelong priority that is incorporated into the fabric of their everyday lives. It offers a clear definition of what a man is and challenges each man to develop his own personalized manhood plan.


2. The Great Adventure Part 1 – Don Wilson – Cost $10 // Room 117/119
Life should be an adventure, but too often it seems tiring, even boring. The Great Adventure challenges men to break free from the bondage of boredom and begin the great adventure that God has uniquely designed for you. A required component of this study is “Servants By Design,” an online personality assessment that will help you understand your natural strengths and the environments in which you thrive.



TUESDAYS (Sept. 5 - dec. 19 // 9:00a)

rbcWomen - Women’s Bible Study
1. “1 Peter” by Jen Wilkin
-– Diane Waisner - Cost $13 // Ridgecrest Room
You are invited to join women of all ages as we study God’s Word together. This fall, we will be challenged to look beyond our current circumstances to a future inheritance as we study the book of 1 Peter. Each week, we will be encouraged through biblical teaching and a video segment that coincides with the personal study of the workbook. Key themes of humility, submission, and identity in Christ will be explored throughout this study.  


WEDNESDAYS (Sept. 6 - nov. 29 // 6:30p)


1. Life On Life Discipler Training – Wayne Barron  - Cost $5 // Room TBA
This is training to equip mature believers to mentor others through life-on-life discipleship. The class will cover a biblical philosophy of discipleship, measurable, biblical goals of discipleship, and hands-on discipleship practice. Included in the cost is a Life On Life Training Manual, and Life On Life Discipleship Lessons.

2. Simplifying Evangelism
– Brad Bennett – Cost $5 // Room 113/115
This class is designed to equip Christians of all ages and backgrounds to share their faith with those whom they interact on a day-to-day basis. This is not another complicated strategy, but a simple, practical plan to intentionally, and effectively share Christ with those in your sphere of influence. In addition to training from the manual, there will be hands on practice for sharing your faith!

3. How To Study The Bible – Clay Enlow  - Cost $5 // Room 117/119
This class is designed to help you learn the basics of studying the Bible for yourself using what is called the Inductive Bible Study Method. This method consists of three component parts, which we will look at separately, but which frequently over lap in practice. Each week will include a short video, teaching on this method, and plenty of opportunity to discuss and practice what you learn.

4. The Reason For God – Randy Brooks  - Cost $10 // Room 230
Timothy Keller, the founding pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City, addresses the frequent doubts that skeptics and non-believers bring to religion. Using literature, philosophy, anthropology, pop culture, and intellectual reasoning, Keller explains how the belief in a Christian God is, in fact, a sound and rational one. To true believers he offers a solid platform on which to stand against the backlash toward religion spawned by the Age of Skepticism. And to skeptics, atheists, and agnostics he provides a challenging argument for pursuing the reason for God. 



5. “Entrusted” by Beth Moore – Stephanie Albritton - Cost $13 // Room 220
Join us this fall as we learn to guard what God has entrusted to us. We were never meant to take this journey of faith alone or in secret. In this study of 2 Timothy, we will be challenged to further the kingdom by sharing Christ with others, living lives of faithfulness, and pouring into future generations just as Paul once mentored Timothy. 

6. OAKS Single Moms Class - Shirley Whiteis & Janet Bennett // Cost $0 // Room 112
This class is to lead single moms to success in their daily life with God, equip them with love powered parenting skills, and build a spiritual community that encourages one another. There are a variety of scenarios that bring women into a situation where they are the sole parent in their homes. Regardless of your personal circumstances, we invite you to join us as we seek to humbly walk in the righteousness that flows out of Jesus Christ’s abiding presence in our lives!



7. 33 Series for Men
– Rick Taylor - Cost $10 // Room 202/204
This is Part 1 of a men’s study that will help men understand their masculine identity, and show them how to make the pursuit of authentic manhood a lifelong priority that is incorporated into the fabric of their everyday lives. It offers a clear definition of what a man is and challenges each man to develop his own personalized manhood plan.

8. Winning At Work & Home Part 1 – Dustin Brown – Cost $12 // Room 208
For most men, happiness and satisfaction in life are locked up in two words - work and home. This is Part 1 of a men’s study that helps men develop a game plan for winning in both arenas. You’ll get the tools you need to build (or rebuild) your confidence; expand your vision; develop successful life strategies; and improve your performance in your relationship with your wife or girlfriend, in your relationships with your children, and in your job.


9. Financial Peace
– Bryan & Karen White - Cost $95 per family // Room 134
Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University teaches participants seven easy-to-follow Baby Steps to get out of debt and make a plan for their money.

10. Parenting Is Heart Work – Pat Findley & Shayla Hale – Cost $10 per family// Ridgecrest Room
God is interested in the heart of your family. Parents and teachers of kids 2 - 18 years will be equipped to touch the hearts of their kids with this biblically-based, practical training program. Get ready for an adventure that will change your heart and bring about lasting change in your family.

11. Marriage, New Or Renewed – Brett & Brittany Curry – Cost $5 // Room 140
This class is for engaged couples desiring pre-marital training and for married couples desiring to enhance their relationship. Developed by Pastor Randy Copeland from 37 years of marriage and solid, biblical truth, this powerful study will focus on revealing God’s Gospel-centric purpose for marriage. 


12. Xplore Missions – Randy Copeland  - Cost $5 // Room 205/207
Join us for Xplore Missions as we discover how we can live on mission daily!  We will be looking at God’s word, God’s world, and God’s work.  Whether you are an experienced missionary, or just desiring to learn more, this class will help you grow in understanding and involvement with what God is doing around the world.


13. Pastor’s Bible Study
- “Movement” A Study Of Acts – Cost $0 // Chapel
In this study, we will follow the movement of the Holy Spirit through the early church in the book of Acts. Join him on a journey through this historical account of the powerful work of God in the first century church.



14.  In Christ Alone - Cost $0 // Fellowship Center 
This semester, students will journey through Paul’s letter to the Galatians. This series will examine the ways people frequently complicate the Gospel, and determine if Jesus alone is enough to save and satisfy.


15. KidsQuest + KidsQuest Jr. - Cost $0 // Children’s Hall
KidsQuest (kindergarten through 6th grade) & KidsQuest Jr. (birth through pre-K) meet on Wednesday nights during GROW Classes. Please register your preschool and elementary children so we can be ready for a great Fall! Click the buttons below to register.


Orchestra, Choir, & Worship Band
16. Orchestra
– 6-7:30pm // Worship Center
17. Choir – 6:30-8pm // Room 214
18. Worship Band – 8-9pm // Worship Center