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rbcWomen - "The Acts of the Apostles: A Study of the Early Church"
$5  //  Diane Waisner  //  Ridgecrest Room
Annually during Pentecost the Jews commemorated the law that was given to them long ago at Mount Sinai. But just 10 days after Christ’s ascension, this particular Shavuot observance was to be very different! There is now eternal hope for law breakers! God’s plan is still in place as He forms His church. This study in Acts reveals that persecution will increase but the gospel truth cannot be silenced and the Holy Spirit makes all the difference! (approximately 8 sessions).


rbcStudents - "Foolproof"
Pastor Nic Goodin  //  Fellowship Center
Students grades 7-12 will explore the Old Testament Book of Proverbs.  We will discover how the teachings in Proverbs point us to the Gospel through understanding the wisdom of God, leading us to a foolproof faith.

rbcNextGen - "Family Development - Love Languages in the Family"
$5  //  Rebecca Waisner & Shayla Hale  //  Room 220
Come discover your love language and the love languages of your family as we explore how love languages interact in the family. Also learn about the languages of apology and anger expression and how they interact in your home.

rbcKids - "KidsQuest"
Pastor Luke Harding  //  Elementary Hall

rbcLittles - "JAM (Jesus and Me)"
Kayla Wescoat  //  Preschool Hall

Pastor's Bible Study - "Love Incorruptible - An Exposition of Ephesians"

Pastor Jeremy Muniz  //  Chapel

rbcMissions - "Cults and Counterfeit Gospels (by David Platt)"
$3  //  Aaron Adler  //  Room 230
Explore the teachings of different Cults and Counterfeit Gospels and how to engage in conversation with them about Jesus.

rbcWomen - "Lies Women Believe and the Truth That Sets Them Free"
$15 (for new attendees only)  //  Stacey Burton  //  Ridgecrest Room
Do you ever feel lonely, depressed or anxious? Do you have relationships that aren't what you hoped they would be? Do you feel that God is distant? These may be symptoms that you're believing lies. Understanding truth can set you free.

rbcWomen - "Apples of Gold"
$35 (incl. book + meals)  //  Hazel Lauderdale & Pat Phemister  //  Home of Darran and Julie Campbell
**Begins March 17
A six week study based on Titus 2. The evening schedule will include cooking, Bible study, and eating a meal together. This will be a limited group offered to the first 8 sign-ups. There is a $35 fee which includes six meals and the book. We will have a sign up sheet in the college class. The Apples of Gold GROW Class will begin on Sunday, March 17th, from 4:00-7:00, at the home of Darran and Julie Campbell. If needed scholarships will be available.

rbcCollege - "Diving Deep Into God's Word"
Wayne & April Barron  //  Room 138

rbcDiscipleship - "Discipler Training"
$5  //  Wayne Barron, Brad Bennett, & Kevin Cook  //  Room 140