It has been rightly said, “As goes the man, so goes the family. As goes the family, so goes the nation.” At Ridgecrest we assist men by providing resources, training, and community with other men to help develop godly character and equip them to lead and make disciples of Jesus in their homes, in their communities, at work, and in the church.

To facilitate this vision, we offer men’s classes on Sundays and Wednesdays throughout the year, as well as mentoring and accountability group opportunities. As a connecting point, we have a quarterly breakfast called Manfood, and an annual Men’s Conference called Pursuit.



At Ridgecrest, our primary desire for women is to know God more and to make His glory known. We pray rbcWomen will be a place of refuge where you will feel the love and acceptance of our Lord. Spiritual community is important to us, and we offer Small Groups and Bible studies throughout the year as an opportunity to connect and grow. We strive to help you see that God will meet you right where you are and that you can be confident He sees you.

Fall Bible studies are happening now. For more information, contact



Life On Life Discipleship

Jesus started a living movement that was designed to expand and multiply. All living things multiply by being born, maturing, and reproducing. That is also true in our spiritual lives, and at Ridgecrest, we call those three steps, TRUST, GROW, & SHARE. We desire for every person to get connected to this spiritual process.

Life On Life Discipleship is designed to connect you as you begin your new relationship with Jesus, or take your existing relationship to a new level. Through the help of another follower of Jesus who will come alongside you, you will grow in your relationship with God, learn how to communicate with Him, connect with other believers in community, connect with your local church through serving, and ultimately become a disciple-maker.

To find out more, or to get involved in this ministry, please contact:
Wayne Barron 
Christie Schrader