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Today, I Trust Jesus. Installment Two.

Recently, my skin has gone berserk. I’m not sure if it’s stress, adjusting to a new physical climate or simply a trip down the memory lane of adolescence, but my skin has not been happy. As a twenty-something-year-old female, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t care about my appearance. In fact, I tend toward the opposite end of the spectrum in caring entirely too much about the way I look. My family teases me about spending hours in front of the mirror; Dad has always said I could take days to get ready, if I were given that much time. My mom used to joke about hanging a mirror above the piano, just so I would spend time practicing. On the surface level, it might seem narcissistic; but in reality, so much of that time spent in front of the mirror is trying to cover up the blemishes, the imperfections and then trying to enhance what positive features I can find. 

On a trip back home not too long ago, my mom commented on how good my skin looked. I knew immediately she had not seen me sans makeup, otherwise her comment would not have been aired. My sweet mom wasn’t truly admiring the beauty my skin offered, but rather, my fine makeup job, the impressive work of a con artist. 

A few days later, I found myself deliberating my momma’s intended compliment as I peered in frustration at the broken-out skin I saw in my bathroom mirror. And it hit me: Covering up is one of my greatest strengths—not covering just physical blemishes, but spiritual ones as well. Please don’t misunderstand me: This is not a blog post for or against wearing makeup. Rather, this is about being completely honest before the Lord and trusting Him to cover me, even in my most unappealing state. 

I don’t know about you, but often I find myself working so hard—even on a daily basis—to cover my imperfections, my inadequacies. But, why? So that others will be fooled? So that I can maintain a false sense of security? So that I can boast in a lie? So that I can avoid trusting Jesus at a deeper level?

Really, trust is what it all comes down to. I struggle to trust that Jesus would desire me, pursue me, love me or use me with all of my flaws. And so I try to cover them up, pretend they aren’t there or just avoid seeking Him when I feel inadequate. But the truth is, He already knows all of my flaws. He already sees all of my imperfections. 

I love the story of Adam and Eve. Sure, the creation part is pretty fantastic, but what I really love the most is the Lord’s reaction after Adam and Eve have tarnished Paradise with their sin. Immediately, the couple was aware of their failure and was ashamed. So, what do they do? They attempted to cover themselves by sewing together fig leaves. And what did God do?

"And the Lord God made for Adam and for his wife garments of skins and clothed them” (Genesis 3:21).

The Lord made a covering for Adam and Eve. From Day One of the fall of man, God extended grace. Now, several important details are recounted in Genesis 3 between the time of Adam and Eve’s attempted cover-up and the Lord’s extension of grace in His provision of a covering. Their sin came with consequences. But the Lord saw fit to cover them, to clothe them from their nakedness, to right what they had wronged.

Jesus offers that same covering through His blood. His death was a one time past action that created ongoing coverage for our failures. Too often I forget about His sacrifice. I forget that I can fully trust Jesus to cover me. I forget that I don’t have to try to clean up and cover up my garbage in order to be pleasing to Him. I’m already covered, once and for all, and I’m covered today, right now.

Today, rather than try to cover up myself, I trust Jesus to cover me.

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